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Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set

Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set

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This Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set includes everything you need to whip up a batch of rich and frothy Oaxacan-style Mexican hot chocolate with ease. It includes a hand-carved alder wood hot chocolate frothing whisk called a molinillo, a hand-molded stoneware clay jug, and five authentic Oaxacan chocolate tablets made from pure cacao that's blended with sugar, cinnamon, and ground almonds, pecans, and walnuts. To use, simply add a chocolate tablet and 1 cup of milk to the red clay jug, warm over medium heat on your stovetop, and then use the molinillo to whisk it all up by simply twisting the handle between your palms. The smooth pestle bottom of the molinillo will soften and grind the chocolate down as it dissolves in the hot milk and the loose rings will whip in air to give it a frothy top. Makes the perfect unique gift for any hot chocolate lover.

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Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set
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Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set
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Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set
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Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set
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Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set
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Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set
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Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set
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Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set
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Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set
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