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Jones Soda - 2007 Christmas + Chanukah Holiday Packs

Jones Soda - 2007 Christmas + Chanukah Holiday Packs

Jones Soda - 2007 Christmas + Chanukah Holiday Packs

The new holiday tradition continues! The fine people over at Jones Soda are back to ring in the holidays with something all new this year. Instead of the traditional Turkey and Gravy Soda and all the usual fixings like Broccoli Casserole Soda, Corn on the Cob Soda, Dinner Roll Soda, Antacid Soda, etc. they decided to skip Thanksgiving entirely and introduce the Jones Soda - 2007 Christmas and Chanukah Holiday Packs! Let's run down the list of this year's "yummy" new holiday flavors you will be feasting upon...2007 Christmas Pack

  • Christmas Ham Soda
  • Christmas Tree Soda
  • Egg Nog Soda
  • Sugar Plum Soda
  • 1 very cool stocking stuffer
  • Certified kosher and contains zero caffeine
2007 Chanukah Pack
  • Latke Soda
  • Apple Sauce Soda
  • Chocolate Coins Soda
  • Jelly Doughnut Soda
  • 1 completely functional dreidel
  • Certified kosher and contains zero caffeine
These new flavors don't seem nearly as horrifying as some previous year's offerings, like Green Bean Casserole Soda, but I'm not so sure about that Christmas Ham Soda, it just may be right up there with the infamous Turkey and Gravy Soda. Plus, I can't even imagine what a Christmas Tree could possibly taste like. My curiosity is driving me crazy, so once again I have placed my order for these cool limited edition liquid meals and once again I will post my review down in the Comments once I can get enough of my brave friends and family to gather around for a tasting. Happy Holidays and maybe most importantly, good luck!

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