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7-Eleven Hot Dog Flavored Sparkling Water

7-Eleven Hot Dog Flavored Sparkling Water

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Need something refreshing to wash down a hot dog from a 7-Eleven? Then head on over to your nearest 7-Eleven and ask for this cool new Bit Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water. It combines the smoky, salty, and savory meatiness of a convenience store hot dog with sparkling water, so you can now gulp down hot dogs all day long while staying hydrated and consuming zero calories. It also pairs nicely with an actual hot dog. Hmm, now just need condiment- and topping-flavored sparkling waters. 🌭💧😋 ... 😉

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7-Eleven Hot Dog Flavored Sparkling Water
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7-Eleven Hot Dog Flavored Sparkling Water
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7-Eleven Hot Dog Flavored Sparkling Water
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7-Eleven Hot Dog Flavored Sparkling Water
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7-Eleven Hot Dog Flavored Sparkling Water
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7-Eleven Hot Dog Flavored Sparkling Water
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7-Eleven Hot Dog Flavored Sparkling Water
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