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Lighted Triple-Decker Drink Dispenser w/ Stirring Infusion Paddles

Lighted Triple-Decker Drink Dispenser w/ Stirring Infusion Paddles

This cool new Nostalgia Electric Infuser Accelerator and Dispenser combines three stackable one gallon drink dispensers with built-in rotating paddles to quickly infuse water, liquor, cocktails, and more with fresh natural flavors from fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices and an LED lighted stainless steel base to illuminate it all at night. It features a filtered infusion chamber to prevent herbs and spices from entering drinks, snap-on storage lids when dispensing side by side or stored in the refrigerator, and chrome-plated easy pour spigots on each dispenser. Perfect for serving up sangria, iced tea, flavored water, infused cocktails, or anything you wish to concoct. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.


  • 3 one-gallon stackable dispensers
  • Rotating paddles speed up infusion process
  • Quickly infuses water, liquor, and cocktails with natural flavors to create a variety of signature infused drinks
  • Filtered infusion chamber keeps herbs and spices out of drinks
  • Simply pair your favorite liquid with fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and more for limitless flavor combinations
  • Chrome-plated easy pour spigots
  • Stainless steel LED lighted base
  • Each 1-gallon dispenser is stackable
  • Snap-on storage lids for side-by-side dispensing or fridge storage
  • Cord storage in bottom of unit
  • Offer three different infused drinks for parties and family gatherings

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