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Box of Wine Cedar Barrel Dispenser

Box of Wine Cedar Barrel Dispenser

Box of Wine Cedar Barrel Dispenser

If you're not too thrilled with putting out the infamous box of wine at your next gathering, then disguise it in this cool new Box of Wine Cedar Barrel Dispenser. These rustic cedar barrels may look real, but they actually split in two, allowing you to hide a 3 liter wine box or 5 liter wine box bladder inside with their spigots sticking out like the 3L Black Box, 3L Bota Box, and 3L Green Box or 5L wine box bladders like Franzia and Vella. They even include a matching stand that's tall enough for wine glasses to easily fit underneath the tap. The perfect solution for parties (get multiple barrels for multiple wines), wedding receptions, restaurants, bars, bedroom, office, or wherever.

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