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Laboratory Beaker Wine Glass

Laboratory Beaker Wine Glass

Laboratory Beaker Wine Glass

No matter whether you're a mad scientist who has spent all day down in a secret underground laboratory hellbent on concocting something gloriously malevolent, a super bored regular scientist, or just someone with a general appreciation of the scientific field who's has a long day, then prescribe yourself 200 CCs of red wine inside this cool new Laboratory Beaker Wine Glass. This fun borosilicate glass laboratory beaker is attached to a classic wine stem and base and is graduated to 200 ml, but can actually hold up to 300 ml if it's been a long day. They're also great for romantic dinners as work on your chemistry.

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  • Laboratory Beaker Wine Glass
  • Prescribe yourself 200ccs of liquid relaxation with the Laboratory Beaker Wine Glass
  • Hand-blown laboratory beaker cohered to a classic wine stem and base
  • Made from laboratory grade ISO/9000 3.3 Borosolicate Glass
  • Graduated to 200 ml, but can hold a heavy pour of 300
  • Dishwasher Safe

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