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Boomerang - Corkscrew With Retractable Foil Cutter

Boomerang - Corkscrew With Retractable Foil Cutter

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I've used many, many different corkscrews that claim to be the single most innovative way to pull a cork from a wine bottle, but none of them have a good way to remove that pesky foil cover first. The cool new Boomerang Corkscrew is a simple, yet effective corkscrew with a built-in retractable foil cutter to quickly remove the foil top and a traditional waiter's corkscrew to extract the cork with general ease. I somehow slice myself either from a knife or the foil itself when opening a bottle of wine and this handy and inexpensive corkscrew saved me from the endless bandaging. Green Head recommended!

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Boomerang - Corkscrew With Retractable Foil Cutter
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Boomerang - Corkscrew With Retractable Foil Cutter
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Boomerang - Corkscrew With Retractable Foil Cutter
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Boomerang - Corkscrew With Retractable Foil Cutter
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Boomerang - Corkscrew With Retractable Foil Cutter
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Boomerang - Corkscrew With Retractable Foil Cutter
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