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Riedel MAMBA - Crystal Wine Decanter

Riedel MAMBA - Crystal Wine Decanter

Riedel MAMBA - Crystal Wine Decanter

If you love wine and are not afraid of snakes, then check out this cool new Riedel MAMBA. This stunning and somewhat terrifying handmade crystal wine decanter is inspired by the fastest snake in the world, the Black Mamba, and features dual chambers to ensure perfectly aerated double decanted wine. Best of all, after you pour from the long neck that looks ready to strike, it releases a satisfying gurgle sound, which is much better than a HISSsssss.

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  • The MAMBA decanter is inspired by the power and energy of the famous black Mamba, the fastest snake in the world
  • Hand-made crystal decanter with dual chamber function, ensuring that the wine is perfectly aerated and served in the right quantity
  • Wine flows through several chambers and is therefore double decanted and consequently intensively aerated
  • The long neck, ideal for pouring out, revitalizes the wine in the two aeration chambers when it is served
  • The ceremony is accompanied by a sonorous "gurgle"
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Capacity: 52 7/8 ounces
  • Size: 17.75" T

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