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Obag - On-the-Go or Hanging Boxed Wine Carrying Bag

Obag - On-the-Go or Hanging Boxed Wine Carrying Bag

Obag - On-the-Go or Hanging Boxed Wine Carrying Bag

The wine in a box of wine may be just fine, but it's the actual box that ruins the experience. This cool new Obag is a stylish linen bag designed to hold and dispense a standard box of wine bag in a much classier way and can either be worn over the shoulder for on-the-go wine drinking adventures or hung anywhere from a tree branch to a hook to a little stand from its metal ring. To use, just slide in the inner bladder from a box of wine, let the spigot hang out through the bottom hole, then zip up the bag, tighten the waxed cotton cord, dispense the wine, and become the center of attention at any gathering of wine lovers. It's available with or without the crossbody carrying strap, but with the strap, it's perfect for taking along to backyard BBQs, long walks, sneaking it into movie theaters, church, etc., picnics, tailgating, parties, or just about anywhere you think you can get away with it. Each bag is handmade in Paris, France.

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  • Take your favorite boxed wine on-the-go with this wine-stashing linen tote
  • It’s wine o'clock somewhere... anywhere with this travel-ready tote
  • Sling the comfy cotton strap over your shoulder and go
  • Be the star of any BBQ, picnic, or really, any outdoor event you’re invited to
  • Re-oil with vegetable oil when needed
  • Materials: linen, waxed cotton cord, Oeko-Tex 100 Metallic Zipper, Nickel coated eyelet
  • Waxed cotton cord around the tap
  • Colors: black or olive green
  • Handmade in Paris, France
  • Size: 15" x 11 x 1.5"

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