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Palm Tree Tiki Torches

Palm Tree Tiki Torches

Palm Tree Tiki Torches

Sure a bamboo tiki torch may remind you of being on a tropical island paradise, but so do palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze. These cool new Asher Palm Torches from Desert Steel are metallic tiki torches in the shape of palm trees with a torch in the center of the fronds on top. These steel palm torches have trunks finished in antique copper along with patina-finished fronds on top, which are both are both rust and fade-resistant. The 16 oz torch canister can be filled with either lamp oil or citronella to fight back the flying pests and it includes a mounting stake and base plate if mounting to your patio or deck. The perfect way to illuminate your next backyard luau or path to your pool that's not quite an ocean. Available in two sizes.

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