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Ta-Da! Magical Reusable Shopping Bag To Go

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Ta-Da! Magical Reusable Shopping Bag To Go

Do you keep forgetting to bring along a reusable tote bag when grocery shopping? Well now you can simply pull one out of a magic hat with this cool new Ta-Da! Tote Bag To Go. While you can't yank a bunny rabbit or endless ribbon out of this little silicone magic top hat, you can hang it from your keys and pull a reusable polyester tote bag out of it as if it was magic. A fun way to reduce reliance on those endless disposable plastic bags grocery stores seem to love handing out with glee.


  • Pull a shopping tote bag out of a hat as if by magic!
  • Always have a shopping bag with you at all times on your keychain or in a purse
  • Reducing our use of disposable bags is now easier than ever
  • Materials: Silicone Hat, Metal chain & clip & Polyester bag
  • Size: 4.72" x 7.87" x 2.55"

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