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Chums Over-The-Wrist Floating Keychain

Chums Over-The-Wrist Floating Keychain

Chums Over-The-Wrist Floating Keychain

Deep water and keys don't pair very nicely, but with this cool new Chums Floating Keychain you can keep your keys safe and secure around your wrist or in the event they go overboard, safely on the surface of the water. This highly visible yellow foam floating keychain is perfect for boating, water parks, the deep end of the pool, rafting, water sports, the beach, going over a waterfall, or anywhere there's a lot of water and important keys.

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  • Over-the-wrist comfort, foam and stretch TPU (not latex) construction
  • Easily visible yellow foam floats with black split ring
  • Extra security for those keys you don't want to lose
  • Floats approximately two keys, 1 oz (28g)
  • Please test in shallow water before heading into the deep

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