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Joseph Joseph Dot - Hydration Tracking Water Bottle

Joseph Joseph Dot - Hydration Tracking Water Bottle

Joseph Joseph Dot - Hydration Tracking Water Bottle

Need a little helpful encouragement to drink more water during the day to stay hydrated and healthy? Then simply refill this cool new Joseph Joseph Dot Water Bottle. This innovative water bottle has a hydration tracking lid that automatically counts every time you refill. Displayed as a column of dots, a new dot will appear every time you tighten the lid after refilling - 1 dot equals 1 bottle and it goes up to 4. Each BPA-free bottle holds 600 ml of water and features a leak-proof lid and a wider opening than a sports top bottle, so no squeezing required. A simple way to set your water drinking goals and an effective visual reminder as well.

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  • Drinking water and staying hydrated is an important part of a healthier lifestyle
  • Hydration tracking lid automatically counts every time you refill
  • New dot appears every time bottle is refilled and lid is closed (1 dot = 1 bottle)
  • Reach your daily hydration goals by tracking how much you drink
  • Encourages you to drink more water
  • Capacity: 600ml
  • 1 dot: 600 ml
  • 2 dots: 1.2 liters
  • 3 dots: 1.8 liters
  • 4 dots: 2.4 liters
  • Made from impact-resistant Triton, BPA Free
  • Leak-proof lid
  • Wider opening so you don't need to squeeze to drink like a sports top
  • Bottle: dishwasher safe
  • Lid: hand wash only

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