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Oya - Terra Cotta Garden Watering Vessel

Oya - Terra Cotta Garden Watering Vessel

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Conserve water, save time, reduce weeds, and have healthier hydrated plants when you bury this cool new yet quite ancient-inspired Oya Watering Vessel up to its neck in your garden and fill with water. The unique terra cotta design of the vessel slowly releases the water inside through its porous walls out into the soil around it. The roots of neighboring plants will naturally grow towards this new water source and, over time, eventually attach themselves right to it and take only the water they need - no worrying about over- or under-watering. This self-regulating, below the soil watering system takes out all the guesswork, conserves water, prevents surface evaporation, waters the plant's roots deep down and not the pesky weeds on the surface, and is ideal during droughts and water shortages. Best of all, you only need to refill it about once a week. Available in multiple sizes. Check out the video demonstration below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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