Water Tower Plant Self-Waterer

Water Tower Plant Self-Waterer

The cool new City Water is a fun plant self-waterer in the shape of an industrial city water tower. Just place the tower on the soil of your favorite thirsty plant, fill with 4 oz of water, and it will slowly and drain into the soil as needed. It features a frosted borosilicate glass tank so you can see the water level and a powder coated steel tower frame. Unfortunately, you have to refill itself since it doesn't actually pump its own water.


  • A miniature tank for your urban jungle
  • Fill with 4oz of h2o and your plant will be ready for upcoming dry spells
  • Industrial tower slowly and effectively drains into the soil as needed
  • Frosted glass tank makes it easy to know when water is low
  • Made from borosilicate glass supported by powder coated steel frame

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