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EcoUsable Ech2o - Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottles

EcoUsable Ech2o - Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottles

EcoUsable Ech2o - Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottles

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I do a lot of hiking and biking and a good water bottle is absolutely essential, but I always run out of water way too early. How cool would it be to have a water bottle that could not only safely filter ordinary tap water, but also water from streams, rivers, lakes and pools too? Well, I found a water bottle that can actually do this!

The cool new Ech2o from EcoUsable is one of the world's first stainless steel filtered water bottles that uses a patented Ionic-Absorption Micro-Filtration to instantly remove up to 99.99% of pollutants as you drink! These innovative and eco-friendly water bottles are basically portable micro water filtration plants. Just fill it up, insert and screw in the filtered straw top and sip away. The water is automatically filtered as you drink and removes everything but salt water. The reusable bottles are constructed from high quality and 100% recyclable 304 food grade stainless steel, contain no inner lining, are BPA free, toxin-free and non-leaching.

Not only will you be saving money compared to buying expensive bottled water, but you you'll be doing your part to save the environment from endless plastic bottle refuse as well. I think for most people, they will simply use these bottles to filter out the chlorine taste from their tap water, but in a pinch during an emergency they can be used as survival bottles as well. I really love these bottles and they make great gifts as well!

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