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Backyard Water Cannon

Backyard Water Cannon

Backyard Water Cannon

Forget the weak water guns and delicate water balloons this summer, because backyard water battles are sure to get more interesting and utterly devastating when this cool new Backyard Water Cannon is unleashed. Inspired by the Royal Navy’s 24 pounder guns used during the Age of Sail, this giant cannon fires either short range saturating sprays to drive enemy forces back or full soaking streams of water up to 25 feet away for long range attacks rather than traditional cannonballs. The carriage base is crafted from water-resistant pressure-treated wood and securely holds the barrel straight or aimed skyward. To load the cannon, simply attach a normal garden hose. Also doubles as a unique water sprinkler for the front lawn.

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  • Water cannon provides a buccaneer-blasting stream of water
  • Fires a short-range saturating spray to repel boarders or adjusts to a stream of water that soaks backyard bathers up to 25' away
  • Inspired by the Royal Navy’s 24-pounder guns used during the Age of Sail
  • Barrel is made from molded poly resin
  • Carriage is made from pressure-treated wood for water resistance
  • Powder-coated fittings secure the barrel to the carriage
  • Carriage provides a stable platform that aims the cannon skyward
  • Accepts a standard garden hose
  • Size: 35" L x 13" W x 17" H - 31 lbs

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