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Giant Carrot Self-Watering Planter Spike

Giant Carrot Self-Watering Planter Spike

Giant Carrot Self-Watering Planter Spike


Do you tend to forget to water your houseplants? Going on a long trip? Really love carrots? Then check out this cool new Care-It Plant Watering Device from Peleg Design. Disguised as a giant orange carrot, this whimsical self-watering planter spike lets you know when it needs a refill based on the height of the leaves on top. Simply insert the carrot down into the planter soil, fill with water by pouring down through the top, and the terracotta tip at the base naturally releases water as needed so there's no need to worry about over- or under-watering. The only downside is that you might discover a huge herd of hungry rabbits at the window staring this huge faux carrot down. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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  • Stick it in a flowerpot and let it do the irrigating
  • Know when to add water by the height of the carrot's leaves
  • Material: Plastic + Ceramic
  • Size: 7.67"-10" long x 2.44" Diameter

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