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Floating Flower Gardens

Floating Flower Gardens

Floating Flower Gardens

If you have one of those cool backyard ponds, make it even more decorative, relaxing and peaceful with a Floating Flower Garden. These unique floating islands hydroponically grow flowers, plants, grasses and shrubs with no chemicals or watering needed. Also, as the islands float around the pond, they naturally function as highly efficient phytofilters that keep the water clearer and cleaner. They also act as little personal paradises for resting turtles and frogs. Mr. Miyagi would be jealous.

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  • Innovative open weave matrix promotes growth all the way to the water line grow flowers, plants, grasses, and shrubs on this unique hydroponic environment
  • Durable enough to withstand freezing temperatures
  • Each island functions as a highly efficient floating phytofilter
  • Completely free of chemicals
  • Add soil and plants or seeds to the island and never worry about watering
  • Includes tether ring for anchor, soil blend, and instructions for use

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