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Wollemi Pine - 200 Million Year Old Plant Species

Wollemi Pine - 200 Million Year Old Plant Species

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There has been plenty of extinction since the age of dinosaurs, but the ancient 200-million-year-old Wollemi Pine has somehow survived.

According to fossil records, the Wollemi Pine tree was originally thought to have gone extinct over 2 million years ago, but a single tree was found in the Wollemi National Park, Australia, in 1994. Soon after, researchers discovered only 100 more adult trees growing in a single wild and rugged canyon. That was it!

Well, now you can assist in the conservation effort of one of the world's oldest and rarest tree species by caring for of these cool trees yourself or giving one as a gift to help ensure its survival for millions of more years to come. Its suitable for indoor container gardening and would definitely make a cool office desk plant or it can be planted as an outdoor landscape tree in certain USDA hardiness zones like New England, the Midatlantic states and much of the Midwest. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these plants will fund ongoing conservation research.

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