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Floating Plant Hangers

Floating Plant Hangers

Floating Plant Hangers

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These cool new Floating Plant Hangers from Kikkerland lets you hang virtually any flower pot or planter with a lip right on the wall like it's floating in mid-air - floor no longer required. These unique plant hangers come in a set of three and are easily mounted onto the wall where the rim of a plant pot is held up securely by the hook and secondary edge. Perfect for hanging flower pots outdoors along a fence or around a patio, indoors when growing fresh herbs in the kitchen, or anywhere there is a wall that needs a decorative splash of nature.


  • Give the illusion of floating plants with this set of 3 plant hangers
  • Simply screw the mount into the wall and easily slide the rim of the plant pot under the hook of the hanger
  • The secondary edge will catch against the lip of the pot, holding it securely in place
  • Works with any planter that has a lip

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