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Space Age Bell Pepper or Tomato Plant Kit

Space Age Bell Pepper or Tomato Plant Kit

Space Age Bell Pepper or Tomato Plant Kit

I love plants on my desk or in my office that bear fruits and vegetables. There's just something oddly cool about surfing the net and reaching over and plucking mini oranges, grapes, etc. A traditional plant is boring when it doesn't provide me a snack. Well, here's something new that I am thinking about getting, The Space Age Bell Pepper or Tomato Plant Kit. You choose whether you want the tomato or bell pepper kit and then simply add water, the nutrient mix and provide some sunlight to the starter cup which needs no soil.

I'm sure you will need to repot the tomato kit at some point because it grows 6-8 feet tall and bears up to 25 pounds of tomatoes, while the bell pepper kit reaches heights of up to 20 inches tall! If you're not a gardener, live in an apartment or you just want something cool for your office like me, you really need to pick one of these kits up. Let us know how tall your plants get in the Comments below or send us pictures so we can post them.

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