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HELLO my name is... Plant Name Badges

HELLO my name is... Plant Name Badges

HELLO my name is... Plant Name Badges

We give names to people and pets, so why not our lonely houseplants too? These cool new HELLO my name is... Plant Name Badges make getting to know your new plants in the house or out in the garden much easier, because now you'll instantly know with a glance that the fern's name is Fern, the cactus is named Spike, the carrots are all named Scott, and then there's the feisty Venus Fly Trap who changed their name from Audrey II to Karen. Inspired by the Hello my name is... name badges that people wear to identify themselves in business conferences, terrible parties, and other large gatherings, these reusable and quite friendly plant markers are sure to make a lasting impression as well. They come in a set of 12 (yellow, green, blue, and red), have a checkbox that reminds one when to water them, and include a dry wipe marker. Isn't it so much nicer to know who you're talking to?

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