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Desert Steel Heliconia Flower Standing Bird Feeder

Desert Steel Heliconia Flower Standing Bird Feeder

Desert Steel Heliconia Flower Standing Bird Feeder

Are you and your favorite feathered friends bored with the typical, gaudy-looking hanging bird feeder? Then check out this cool new Heliconia Bird Feeder from Desert Steel. While it may look like an exotic tropical heliconia flower growing in your yard at first glance, it's actually sculptural metal art with red petals that hold up to 20 oz of bird seed. To fill, just pour bird seed into the top petal and watch as it funnels down into the red petal troughs below. This beautiful, tropics-inspired standing bird feeder is constructed in the USA from powder-coated steel, has a built-in ground stake to secure it upright, and works with most types of bird seed. A decorative yet discreet way to feed the local birds while you get to enjoy a lasting Heliconia bloom (even the winter months) without any gardening effort.

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  • Tropics-Inspired Bird Feeder - Add a touch of tropical wonder to your garden paradise
  • Fill it from the top and watch the seed funnel down into each petal below
  • Works with most seed types
  • Holds 20 oz of seed
  • Powder-coated steel - UV/Fade-resistant - Rust proof
  • Built-in foot stake
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: 12" L x 4" W x 42" H - 6 lbs

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