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Hanging Bird Bath Planter

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Hanging Bird Bath Planter

When you combine your love of gardening with bird watching, you get this cool new Bird Bath Planter. This unique hanging planter has a basin in the center that holds a miniature bubbling water fountain for birds to drink, bathe, and frolic around in and a bottom basin to either grow flowers or hold birdseed. The fountain is battery powered and features a built-in timer to turn it on and off daily for up to two months and it holds up to a half gallon of fresh water. A great way to ensure the coolest neighborhood birds stop by your place to hang for a bit.


  • Hanging birdbath and planter designed to welcome finches, hummingbirds, and other avian visitors with water and colorful blooms
  • Central 1/2 gallon bird bath provides ample water for drinking or bathing
  • Bottom basin can be filled with flowering plants or birdseed
  • Constant motion of the miniature bubbling fountain prevents standing water from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes or bacteria
  • Built-in timer turns on the fountain every day at the same time for up to two months
  • Includes hanging hook
  • Requires four AA batteries
  • Size: 13.5" H x 11.5" W x 7" D

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