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Putnam Metal Raised Garden Bed

Putnam Metal Raised Garden Bed

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This spring, skip the back- and knee-straining in-ground garden that is at the perfect height for hungry pests, the cramped container gardeners with shallow planting depths, and the typical wooden raised garden beds that tend to rot and fall apart and upgrade to something sleek, modern, and low-maintenance like this cool new Putnam Metal Raised Garden Bed. There's no need to awkwardly bend over while tending to this elevated garden bed that's constructed from sturdy 24-gauge powder-coated galvanized steel because its extended 30-inch height puts vegetables, flowers, herbs, and other plants within easy reach. It holds up to 964 quarts of soil, has plenty of room to grow deep-rooted plants, is designed to prevent bowing sides and busted corners, and requires little to no upkeep for years and years of use. It's available in a variety of other sizes as well.

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Putnam Metal Raised Garden Bed
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Putnam Metal Raised Garden Bed
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Putnam Metal Raised Garden Bed
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Putnam Metal Raised Garden Bed
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Putnam Metal Raised Garden Bed
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Putnam Metal Raised Garden Bed
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Putnam Metal Raised Garden Bed
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Putnam Metal Raised Garden Bed
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Putnam Metal Raised Garden Bed
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