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Columnar Apple Trees - Grow Vertically Without Branching Out

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Columnar Apple Trees - Grow Vertically Without Branching Out

Would you like to to have your very own apple trees with delicious full-sized fresh fruit only a reach away, but are limited by space? You can with the cool Columnar Apple Trees. This unique variety of apple tree grows vertically up to 10' tall without branching out. They are naturally horizontally challenged and perfect for container planting in small spaces with full sun on your deck, patio, balcony or just in the corner of your garden. You get two varieties to ensure pollination, the Northpole variety that tastes like a McIntosh and Golden Sentinal which resembles Golden Delicious apples. They are both 1 year old plants that are pre-planted in 1-gallon pots. It's like having a natural totem pole of fruit.


  • Special vertical variety grows up to 10' tall, but branches don't spread
  • Small-space fruit trees suited for container planting
  • 2 varieties to ensure pollination
  • Northpole tastes like McIntosh
  • Golden Sentinal resembles Golden Delicious
  • In cold climates, container grown trees will need winter protection
  • Plant in full sun
  • One-year-old plants in 1-gallon pots

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