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Pet Observation Porthole For Fences

Pet Observation Porthole For Fences

Pet Observation Porthole For Fences

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The Pet Observation Porthole is a clear acrylic dome that you install over a 9 1/2" diameter hole cut out of your neighbor's wooden fence. It protrudes 5" out on the other side, so your dog or other pet can get a perfect panoramic view of the other side. While maintaining safety and security, it helps to quench a dog's natural curiosity and also may help to reduce barking and other undesirable behaviors. If you get two of them installed, you and your dog can spy on your neighbors together. So much for that privacy fence, eh?



  • 9 1/2" diam. clear acrylic dome protrudes 5"
  • Satisfies a pet's natural curiosity and maintains safety and security
  • Mounts easily over a hole cut into the fence
  • May help reduce barking or other undesirable behaviors

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