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No-Splash Ceramic Dog Bowls

No-Splash Ceramic Dog Bowls

Does your dog make a complete mess when it drinks water from a bowl? Then check out these cool new No-Splash Ceramic Dog Bowls. These decorative Earthenware water bowls are handmade at a century-old ceramic studio in Southern California and designed with an innovative convex shape and protective rim to help prevent spills and splashes. Each bowl is kiln-fired with a lead-free glaze for durability, are extra stable to prevent flipping, and are decorated with a little yellow stick illustration on the interior. Hmm, or get for yourself as a mess-free soup and cereal bowl. Available in two sizes.


  • Created by George of San Francisco - Handmade at a century-old ceramic studio in Southern California
  • Handcrafted earthenware dog bowls are designed for splash-free eating and drinking
  • Combine a convex shape with a protective rim to help minimize splashing
  • Interior of each bowl is decorated with an image of a yellow stick
  • Designed for exceptional stability
  • Kiln-fired with lead-free glazes for durability
  • Medium Bowl: 32 oz capacity - 6" Diameter x 2.5" H
  • Large Bowl: 64 oz capacity - 8" Diameter x 3.5" H

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