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Walnut Nut Bowl

Walnut Nut Bowl

Walnut Nut Bowl

The cool new Walnut Nut Bowl is, yep, a bowl for serving nuts that looks like a giant walnut. This handmade porcelain walnut opens easily (no nutcracker required) to reveal two bowls that can be used to hold nuts and discarded shells, candy and wrappers, or whatever you think presents nicely in a big walnut. It features a hand-painted copper exterior, a glazed white interior, and may or may not attract giant squirrels.

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  • Handmade porcelain walnut
  • Opens to host party snacks, candy, nuts, and more
  • Hand-painted copper exterior
  • Glazed white interior stays fresh and clean
  • Hand wash
  • Size: 5" W x 6" D x 4.5" H

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