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Rubber Dome Nutcracker

Rubber Dome Nutcracker

Rubber Dome Nutcracker

When possible, I only buy nuts that are still in the shell, because having to crack open the shells helps to slow me down. They are such addictive little snacks. You would think that all possible designs of nut cracking tools and technologies would have reached a peak by now, but designer Bruno Christensen has come up with an entirely new concept.

The Rubber Dome Nutcracker is a sleek, modern take on the traditional nutcracker. The problem with most nutcrackers is that they make a mess. Sometimes while cracking, broken shell shrapnel goes flying all over. This unique nutcracker features a stainless steel base, a domed rubber top and a non-slip rubber bottom. Simply place the nut on the stainless steel base with non-slip rubber bottom, cover with the rubber domed top and push down on top of the dome with a light tap (or crush it with your fist). The shell is cleanly split by a ribbed metal fitting on the underside of the dome and the broken shell is safely contained. It's a fantastic combination of cool modern design and functionality.

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