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Squirrel Nut Bowl

Squirrel Nut Bowl

Squirrel Nut Bowl

I love squirrels. Sometimes these mischievous little critters may get into the bird seed, take down power lines, or flip out and attack people, but usually they're just fun to watch as they frantically frolic around the yard gathering up nuts for the winter. Well, this year you won't have to forage for nuts to snack on, just reach for one from this cool new Gathering Bowl. This whimsical nut bowl features a friendly little squirrel serving up nuts or candies from inside a removable glass bowl insert, which can also be used to hold keys, coins, or anything else you wish to share or gather. Beware, real squirrels looking in your windows may find this bowl's idea of sharing offensive and could plan out a full on retaliation invasion against you in the Spring, but it's worth the risk.

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