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Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket

Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket

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This cool new Figural Shell Champagne Bucket from Pottery Barn is a Champagne ice bucket, decorative centerpiece, and catch-all bowl made from hand-painted polyresin that looks like a giant clam shell and measures well over two feet wide. It's perfect for filling with ice and bottles of Champagne, beer, or vodka, serving up an enormous amount of wrapped candies or pistachios, displaying candles or decorative bits and baubles, or just leaving it empty to display as unique coastal decor. If you get two, you can double the amount of Champagne served and then stack them together to complete the clam shell look when not in use.

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Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket
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Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket
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Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket
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Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket
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Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket
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Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket
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Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket
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Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket
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Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket
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