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Big Bottle Base Bowls

Big Bottle Base Bowls

These cool new Big Bottle Base Bowls are the hand-cut bases from the equally cool, Wine Bottle Hurricane Candle Holders. These unique recycled bowls are actually the bottoms of big wine bottles, with their edges carefully rounded and smoothed. They can be used as prep bowls, salt cellars, dip bowls, snack bowls or can even be flipped over and used to hold keys and change too. They're stamped with their original bottle style / type and imported and hand-cut in the USA.


  • Recycled bowls made from the cut base of a wine bottle
  • Edges carefully rounded and smoothed
  • Use as prep bowls, salt cellars or dip bowls
  • Can be inverted and used to hold keys and change
  • Stamped with their original bottle style and type
  • Imported and hand-cut in the USA
  • Size: 4.5 - 6" Diameter x 2 - 2.5" H

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