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S'mores Campfire Serving Board

S'mores Campfire Serving Board

S'mores Campfire Serving Board

When you're all sitting around a roaring campfire on a hot summer night making tasty s'mores, don't let everyone fight over digging their grubby hands into the marshmallow bag and graham cracker packages and then toss chocolate wrappers all over the place. Make s'mores in a more civilized way with this cool new S'mores Campfire Serving Board. This handmade platter serves up all of the finest ingredients you will need to make s'mores, but arranges them in an orderly way that resembles a little campfire. It features channels routed into the Baltic Birch wooden platter for the pieces of chocolate and graham crackers and a fire red ceramic marshmallow bowl in the center that rests upon a trivet that looks like criss-crossed logs.

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  • A platter fit for the world's finest campfire delicacy
  • Fill this platter up and you’ve got yourself a presentation worthy of the meltiest, messiest, most heavenly s'mores
  • S'mores are ooey-gooey sandwiches made from toasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers - the highlight of every summer-night campfire
  • Grabbing the ingredients out of torn-open bags feels a bit… unceremonious
  • This wooden board has a place for each delicious element, all ingeniously arranged to look like a little campfire
  • Routing for the graham crackers and chocolate centers on an X-shaped trivet reminiscent of crisscrossed logs
  • Handmade ceramic marshmallow bowl looks like red-hot flames
  • Materials: Ceramic, Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Wood board and trivet made in Alabama and ceramic bowl handmade in Minnesota
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Size: 16" Diameter x 0.75”

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