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Clear Piggy Bank For Adults - Break to Open!

Clear Piggy Bank For Adults - Break to Open!

Clear Piggy Bank For Adults - Break to Open!

Does money burn a hole in your pocket? Trying to save up money for a trip, a goal, or some other object of desire? Well, force yourself to save money and learn some self-discipline at the same time with this cool new Clear Piggy Bank For Adults. This minimalist transparent cylinder has a handy slot on top to deposit coins and cash, but there is no way to actually open it up to sneak money out without smashing it with a hammer. Since it costs real money to buy this modern piggy bank up front, you'll be much less tempted to break into it until it is completely filled to the top. It also makes a great swear jar, tip jar, or just an unusual decorative item to put on display.

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  • Clear Piggy Bank For Adults
  • Unopenable design is the perfect solution for those who struggle to save money with traditional easy to open banks
  • Learn the value of saving money and watch as the bank fills up
  • Highly transparent acrylic
  • Sturdy to hold money and easy to break up when goal completed
  • Size: 10" H x 6" Diameter

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