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Indiana Jones - Golden Fertility Idol Bank

Indiana Jones - Golden Fertility Idol Bank

Indiana Jones - Golden Fertility Idol Bank

Dr. Jones. Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away. - Dr. Rene Belloq

Besides the actual Holy Grail, the golden fertility idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark is perhaps the ultimate Holy Grail of Indiana Jones prop collectibles. Why trouble yourself with dense jungles, dangerous lost temples, deadly traps, huge boulders and uptight locals to aquire it, when you can simply purchase a very similar Golden Fertility Idol Bank.

Although this ancient golden fertility idol won't make you fertile, is far from ancient and is made from durable, gold-colored vinyl rahter than gold, it's still a cool replica that doubles as a bank for your coins. It's accurately recreated in every detail using digital scans from the original movie prop and features a coin slot in the back to hold any currencies you may have looted, er aquired during your adventures. This idol doesn't belong in a museum, it belongs on your desk at work!

It's too bad this didn't exist when I was a little kid, because it would have been so much cooler pretending to be Indiana Jones running through woods with this, rather than that crummy Mr. Potato Head stand in.

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