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Memory Foam Wallet

Memory Foam Wallet

Memory Foam Wallet

At some point everything in our wallets like money, credit cards, driver's license, loyalty cards, ID cards, health insurance cards, photos, todo lists, etc. will be on our smartphones and the traditional wallet will no longer be a thing to carry around, but until then the wallet in our back pockets will remain a literal pain in the butt. It doesn't have to be a pain though if you get one of these cool new Memory Foam Wallets. While a leather wallet may look more stylish, it's just not as comfortable in the pocket as this one that's made from soft viscoelastic memory foam that compresses from 1/4" down to 1/8" thick when sat upon and that can conform to any pocket, making it one of the thinnest bi-fold wallets around. It also handles up to 14 cards of your choice, up to 20 bills, and is machine washable too. Hmm, maybe in the future we'll have compressible memory foam smartphones too?

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  • World's Original Memory Foam Wallet
  • Compresses to 1/8 of an inch thick when sat on, or slipped into any tight compartment, making it one of the thinnest bi-folds on the market
  • Perfectly conform to any pocket
  • Capacity to handle up to 14 cards and 20 bills
  • Memory foam was originally designed by NASA to give astronauts something comfortable to sit on during launch
  • 6 Credit Card Compartments (2 Outside, 4 Inside, Can Hold 2 Cards Each)
  • Open Cell Visco-Elastic Memory Foam With Spandex Covering
  • 1/4" Foam Compresses To 1/8" Thick
  • Machine Washable

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