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Fire Wallet - Catches Fire When Opened!

Fire Wallet - Catches Fire When Opened!

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If you're a magician, a prankster, or just crave a lot of attention and need a new wallet too, then check out this cool new yet quite flaming hot Fire Wallet from Murphy's Magic. While it may look like a normal wallet, that's because it is a normal wallet, except it erupts in flames when opened. This handcrafted faux leather magic wallet serves as an everyday carry that's capable of holding all of your credit cards, cash, photos, and IDs. However, it also hides a secret framed fire tray and flint lighter mechanism within. When the magnetic lock is opened, this mechanism ignites the flames in a brilliant fiery display and then instantly extinguishes them again upon closing. It's perfect for street magic tricks, messing with clerks at the checkout, or possibly scaring off a mugger when you're handing it over... hmm, don't do that. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Fire Wallet - Catches Fire When Opened!
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Fire Wallet - Catches Fire When Opened!
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Fire Wallet - Catches Fire When Opened!
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Fire Wallet - Catches Fire When Opened!
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Fire Wallet - Catches Fire When Opened!
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Fire Wallet - Catches Fire When Opened!
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Fire Wallet - Catches Fire When Opened!
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