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Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Wish you could magically disappear under a Cloak of Invisibility just like Harry Potter? Well, now muggles outside of the Wizarding World can finally appear to disappear too with this cool new Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak - Deluxe Version. This fun invisibility cloak is a movie accurate reproduction of the intricately patterned one Harry Potter received as a Christmas gift, but unlike the fictional one, this one uses green screen visual effects and a free app on a smartphone or tablet to achieve the disappearing act.

To use, just set up the app and camera on your device, wrap yourself or anything that fits inside the cloak with the pattern facing outwards, and then flip the cloak inside out to seemingly disappear on the video, which can be saved. The inner solid green lining of the cloak uses Chroma key technology in the app to erase you from the scene, just like in the movies. Each cloak comes wrapped in the movie style Christmas paper, includes a tripod, and is presented in a beautiful embossed gift box. Check out the video below to see it in action... and then not see it at all! Cool huh?

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  • Imagine being invisible? Imagine no more!
  • Invisibility cloak costume - Appear to Disappear just like Harry Potter! Amaze your family and friends!
  • Fully movie accurate patterned Invisibility Cloak with special effect lining
  • Perfectly replicates the original cloak’s magical effects with green screen Chroma key technology special effects
  • When the patterned side of the Invisibility Cloak is facing the camera it will be visible on screen
  • Flip the cloak inside out, so that the green lining is facing the camera, and whoever is hidden beneath the cloak will magically disappear on screen!
  • View, photograph, or film yourself through the app on your smartphone or tablet (not included) and save the images and videos to your camera roll
  • Vanish from view with this amazing Harry Potter toy and collector item
  • The simple to use Android and iOS App make you appear invisible in seconds!
  • Movie accurate detailing and beautifully wrapped in authentic Harry Potter movie style themed Christmas paper
  • Embossed gift box
  • Includes a bonus deluxe table-top tripod for holding your smartphone and ensuring perfect results every time
  • Official Harry Potter merchandise authorized and licensed by Warner Bros
  • Each cloak comes with its very own completely unique Authentication Code that gives you access to the Invisibility function within the Wow! Stuff app
  • Size: 55" L

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