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Massive Ride On Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume

Massive Ride On Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume

Massive Ride On Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume

This Halloween, you'll get all candy as trick-or-treaters drop their loot and run screaming for the hills as you stomp through the neighborhood in this cool new T-Rex Stilts Costume. This terrifying handmade costume lets you take a ride on the back of the ultimate prehistoric predator, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex! The huge legs of this voracious beast are actually stilts that you walk on while the top half of your body is revealed to be a cowboy seemingly riding on top with fake legs straddling over the sides. Best of all, this huge dinosaur puppet has blinking eyes, a movable head and mouth, and it can even unleash a blood-curdling roar. Perfect for Halloween, professional performances, cosplay, sinister/hilarious pranks, chasing your evil cat around, or just taking a leisurely stroll through town. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • Ride-On T-Rex Stilts Costume
  • Be a dinosaur wrangling cowboy on the back of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Gripping the end of reins firmly, ride T-Rex fast
  • Head and neck moves
  • When mouth opens or head is tilted back it roars
  • Movements: Eyes blinking, head left to right, Neck up and down, Dino walks with the dinosaur roar.
  • Handmade
  • Material: EPE foam, Stainless steel frame, 3D printed polymer fabric, Mixed acrylic paint
  • Size: 14' 10' L' x 3' W x 8' 7' H' - 64 lbs

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