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Monstrous 8 Foot Spider

Monstrous 8 Foot Spider

Monstrous 8 Foot Spider

If you thought your arachnophobia was bad seeing a cute little spider skittering about, then you had better keep your eyes shut tightly around this cool new Giant-Sized Spider from the Home Depot. If you've always dreamt of putting a monstrous 8 foot wide spider on your front lawn to terrorize the entire neighborhood throughout October... or all year long if you're HOA free, look no further. This gigantic creepy crawler has realistic sculptural detailing, sinister red glowing LED eyes (8 of them!), giant posable hairy legs (8 of them!), weather-resistant outdoor construction, and a built-in motion sensor to trigger scary spider sound effects. It's also great for Halloween haunted houses, pet shops that sell huge tarantulas, a prop monster for a horror movie made on your phone, pranks, and whatever else one might need a mega arachnid.

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  • 8-ft. colossal spider is ideal for Halloween parties and spooky haunted houses
  • Realistic design and hairy legs deliver fright
  • Weather-resistant construction is ideal for outdoor placement
  • Realistic sculptural detailing is scary
  • LED eyes light up to give the arachnid life
  • Posable legs
  • Battery-operated arachnid lets you spook trick-or-treaters and passersby for hours
  • Size: 42.5" H x 98.4" W x 106.3" D

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