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Massive Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Statue

Massive Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Statue

Massive Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Statue

As one of the tallest and largest largest known dinosaurs or animals to ever roam the Earth, a full-sized Brachiosaurus probably wouldn't fit so well into your yard and definitely not inside your home, but this cool new yet quite prehistoric-inspired Jurassic-Sized Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Statue from Design Toscano will. An actual Brachiosaurus was up to 72 feet long and stood over 40 feet tall, but this somewhat scaled down version still reaches impressive heights of over 15 feet tall, which is the perfect backyard tree leaf munching height and definitely tall enough to look over your annoying neighbor's fence. It's constructed from high quality designer resin that is reinforced with fiberglass and then realistically (maybe?) hand-painted with convincing color and texture. It's also perfect for displaying in large atriums, gardens, restaurants, theme parks, museums, or any spot you think a gigantic herbivore dinosaur would look great. Hmm... it might also be great for Loch Ness Monster pranks or just bury it in your yard to confuse future paleontologists.

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  • The Brachiosaurus (arm reptile) was one of the tallest and largest dinosaurs ever found and weighed nearly 80 tons
  • Prehistoric replica dinosaur statue is cast in quality designer resin, reinforced for supreme strength with fiberglass
  • Hand-painted with powerfully convincing color and texture to be as faithful as possible to the form of its ancient species
  • Display-quality giant dinosaur sculpture transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent
  • Size: 215.5" W x 41.5" D x 186" H - 314 lbs

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