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Bunny Toilet Paper Holder

Bunny Toilet Paper Holder

Bunny Toilet Paper Holder

After an eventful sit on the throne, add a bit of whimsy to the experience by reaching for a sheet of toilet paper from this cool new Bunny Toilet Paper Holder. Honestly, what more can I say? Every bathroom should now be equipped with a helpful bunny rabbit statue holding up a roll of TP while it stares back at you. Hmm, it's too bad extra rolls can't be stored on its long bunny ears.๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿงป

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  • A chivalrous hare supplies a roll for your convenience
  • Adds a playful twist to your powder room or main bath
  • Resin
  • Size: 21" H x 6.75" W x 9.75" D

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