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AquaNotes - Waterproof Notepad

AquaNotes - Waterproof Notepad

AquaNotes - Waterproof Notepad

This cool new AquaNotes is a handy waterproof notepad and pencil set that suction cups to the wall in your shower for jotting down great ideas, making lists, drawing sketches, or whatever else you do with paper, except now in the shower... or even underwater. The notepad has 40 waterproof sheets of smooth, smudge-free paper that are perforated for easy removal, has suction cups for the pad and pencil, and is made in the USA. It's perfect for shower walls, boats, hot tubs, poolside, bathroom mirrors, rainy days, snorkeling, the beach, trekking through the middle of a steamy rainforest (or just camping), in the kitchen, or anywhere where paper and water typically don't mix. It's also great for folding the sheets into little waterproof paper boats.

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