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Kikkerland Flashlight Pen

Kikkerland Flashlight Pen

Kikkerland Flashlight Pen

There used to be these ancient writing instruments with sticks of ink inside called ballpoint pens that sort of died out because they couldn't be used in the dark, but this single flaw has finally been corrected with this cool new Kikkerland Flashlight Pen. With a single click, it extends the traditional ballpoint pen for daytime writing, but with a second click, it activates the built-in bright LED illuminated tip for night writing. It's perfect for any low-light conditions like writing down orders in darkened restaurants, writing down the crazy dream or sudden inspiration you just had in the middle of the night, writing letters in movie theaters when you accidentally leave your texting phone at home, taking notes in classrooms when the lights are off for presentations, using as a flashlight, signaling an SOS for night rescues, messing with fireflies in the evening, or any other time you need to write, day or night. It's also nice to see what you're writing in the dark even though your fancy cursive handwriting will still be completely illegible to just about everyone else in the light.

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