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Kikkerland Invisible Ink Pen With UV Light Tip

Kikkerland Invisible Ink Pen With UV Light Tip

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Remember pens and paper and writing things down manually with your hand? I know, it seems like many, many lifetimes ago. It was also a great way to send secret messages to others with the use of invisible ink without worrying about hackers, super spies, or your grade school teacher from finding out. Well now you can relive those ancient glory years of innovative writing instruments with this cool new yet quite retro Kikkerland Invisible Pen and Light. What's nice about this invisible ink pen, is that it has a built-in UV light in the tip that lets you see what you're writing and the writings that you receive - no need to heat up the paper to reveal the message. Perfect for passing secret messages, writing down passwords, orr just writing the world's most difficult to read novel.

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