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Bolt Action Tactical Pen

Bolt Action Tactical Pen

Bolt Action Tactical Pen

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The cool new Bolt Action Tactical Pen not only has a unique bolt action opening and closing mechanism for locking and loading the ink into the chamber of its anodized milled aluminum body, it also has a flat end to place your thumb if you need to use it for self defense. It normally uses black ink, but if used for defense, it temporarily writes in red.



  • Designed by Rainer Wenning and Thomas Braunagel
  • Features a bolt action mechanism which is fun to click open and closed
  • Clip is integrated in the body of the pen
  • Pen head is flat, providing an ideal thumb rest for self-defensive use
  • Materials: Anodized milled aluminum
  • Ink Color: black
  • Size: 5" L x 0.48" Diameter - 1.2 oz

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