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Col. Littleton No. 9 Leather Journal

Col. Littleton No. 9 Leather Journal

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The cool new No. 9 Leather Journal from Col. Littleton makes me want to switch off the computer and sit down to handwrite the epic novel I always knew I had in me. I have this incredible idea about what happened before the Big Bang... er, well nevermind.

This gorgeous, old-fashioned leather-bound journal is made from native American steer hide, dry milled to achieve softness, and filled with 130 sheets of recycled "desert haze" paper that's laced into the journal with 1/8" leather lacing. It's perfect for writing a book, chronicling your exotic adventures in far away lands, keeping a true, personal journal to store your thoughts, jotting down ideas and drawing plans for your secret invention or just writing about whatever crosses your mind. Don't worry, it even comes with the Colonel's No. 2 Lead Expedition Pencil! It kind of looks like the Indiana Jones Grail Diary too, doesn't it?

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