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Kokuyo Transparent Gel Crayons

Kokuyo Transparent Gel Crayons

Rather than smearing an old-fashioned waxy crayon across a coloring book to fill in the blanks, enter a whole new world of watercolor-like shades and tints when you color with these cool new Kokuyo Gel Crayons from Japan. These unusual transparent crayons are made from mineral oil gel that can create unique textured layers of colors not possible with traditional, boring old crayons. Just be sure not to mistake them for a tube of lip balm. Check out this VIDEO to see them in action.


  • Clear mineral oil gel drawing tools
  • Transparent Crayons have a transparent quality that will give your paintings a texture reminiscent of water colors
  • Because they lack the pastiness of regular wax colors, they can be applied in layers to create countless exciting shades and tints
  • Made of mineral oil gel
  • Sets: 5 colors, 10 colors, 16 colors
  • 5-color set: red, yellow, light green, green, blue
  • 10-color set: red, yellow, light green, green, blue, orange, light blue, purple, light orange, brown
  • 16-color set: red, yellow, light green, green, blue, orange, Light blue, purple, light orange, brown, bright orange, blue-green, ultramarine, pink, chocolate, ash gray
  • Suitable for ages 3 and above
  • Size: 0.4" x 2.5"

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